Best Psychiatry Hospital in Shamshabad

Psychiatry is a specialized field of pharmaceuticals that centers on diagnosing and treating mental ailments and related disarranges. At Arkan Hospitals, we offer comprehensive psychiatric care to our patients through a group of exceedingly talented and experienced therapists and psychologists.

Our therapists specialize in the determination and treatment of a wide extend of mental well-being conditions, counting discouragement, uneasiness, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and other temperament disorders. We utilize evidence-based treatments and medications to assist our patients to oversee their side effects and accomplish superior mental well-being results.

People are troubled with the routine of daily living in the context of work, studies, marriage and relationships. A healthy lifestyle and good coping skills are core requirements for maintaining one’s psychological and physical well-being. At Arkan Hospitals, we are dedicated to listening and understanding your problems, while offering care with the utmost compassion. We believe in healing your mind & spirit by helping you out with any psychiatric concerns that may be intruding your peace of mind.

At Arkan Hospitals, we are committed to giving the leading conceivable psychiatric care to our patients. Our state-of-the-art facilities, including dedicated psychiatric wards and specialized treatment programs, are designed to supply a secure and steady environment in Shamshabad.

Dr. Shadaan Afeen

MBBS, MD(Neuro Psychiatry)