Advance Critical Care & Intensive Care Unit

Best Critical & Intensive Care Unit in Shamshabad

Arkan Hospitals, Shamshabad provides an advanced Intensive and Critical Care Unit, which is the highest level of care available to critically ill patients. The Intensive Care Unit is equipped with modern medical technologies and staffed by highly qualified specialist doctors in critical care and support staff. From ventilators to patient monitors and infusion pumps, our ICU is fully equipped to provide comprehensive critical care services to our patients. To develop a quality treatment plan at an affordable price for each patient, our multidisciplinary team treats a wide spectrum of illnesses, including multi-organ failures, infectious, gastroenterological, cardiac disease and liver patients.

At World-Class tertiary care, the department of Advance Intensive and Critical Care Unit is one of the most important specialties taking care of all seriously ill patients and is often considered as the heart of the hospital. The predominant function of critical care medicine is to evaluate, diagnose, monitor and treat patients who are sick and beyond the capacity to treat as outpatient or ward or room care.

We provide Separate Isolation Room ICU care to prevent spread of cross infections with positive and negative ventilation facilities. Advanced Care such as high-end hemodynamic monitoring, invasive neuro monitoring, Ultrasound and 2D echo for evaluation and monitoring of ICU patients.

We have a firm commitment to compassionate care for critically ill patients and their families at Arkan Hospitals, Shamshabad. Our Intensive Care Unit is designed to provide patients with a safe and supportive environment and emotional support for them and their families during difficult times.

Arkan Hospital is the best super speciality hospital in Shamshabad, we have a firm commitment to providing compassionate care for critically ill patients and their families.

Dr. M.A. Qadeer Khan

MBBS, MD, EDIC, DrNB(Critical Care Consultant)