Best Ophthalmology Hospital in Shamshabad

The Ophthalmology Department at Arkan Hospitals provides comprehensive care for a broad spectrum of eye diseases. Outstanding services, state-of-the-art diagnostic and surgical equipment, and a sophisticated operation theatre make this department a complete eye care centre.

At Arkan Hospitals, Outpatient department is well equipped to cater to diverse eye diseases. Preventive eye check-up emphasises on the early detection, prevention and cure of eye problems if any. Evaluation and medical management of glaucoma, retina diseases and squint is routinely done in addition to complete care of anterior segment of the eye.

Routine eye exams, prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses, treatment of eye infections and disorders, cataract surgery, glaucoma care, retinal disease management, and corneal transplantation are just a few of the services our ophthalmology department provides. Also, we have cutting-edge diagnostic and imaging tools that allow us to make a prompt and accurate diagnoses.Some patients have eye conditions due to other health problems like diabetes, diseases of the immune system, heart disease, thyroid problems, and other health issues. Our ophthalmologists understand their healthcare needs and address their eye issues accordingly.

We at Arkan Hospitals think that everyone should have access to first-rate eye treatment. We provide an affordable eye care in Shamshabad with the mission to improve people's eye-vision. Our staff is committed to giving our patients the kind of sensitive treatment that will enable them to have the best possible vision and eye health.