Best Hospital for Genera Medicine in Shamshabad

Arkan Hospitals in Shamshabad is renowned for its exceptional General / Internal Medicine department. With a dedicated team of doctors, nurses, and support staff, we offer outpatient and inpatient services, 24X7 emergency care, and personalized attention. The department of general medicine at Arkan Hospitals is one of the best tertiary care centers in Shamshabad with the high qualified doctors and nurses. Our general medicine department is covered with multi-system illnesses, Hypertension & Dyslipidaemia, Upper Airways, Chronic Fatigue, Infectious Diseases, etc.

General medicine provides a range of services for individuals with diverse symptoms, including:

1. Diagnosis and treatment of various illnesses.
2. Preventive medicine care, which involves conducting physical examinations, blood pressure tests, and screenings to maintain the patient's overall health.
3. Continuous communication with patients, particularly those with chronic illnesses, to provide ongoing care and guidance.
4. Collaboration with other specialists and doctors by referring patients based on their specific condition and treatment needs.
5. Follow-up care for patients who have undergone surgery and assisting surgeons in postoperative care or managing any complications that may arise.

In summary, general medicine offers comprehensive care, preventive measures, patient communication, collaboration with specialists, and postoperative support.

Our experts handle all emergency cases that include a wide spectrum of communicable and non-communicable diseases. The general medicine department at Arkan Hospitals includes various other departments like:

2. Nephrology
3. Oncology
4. Haematology
5. Gastroenterology
6. Neurology
7. Respiratory
8. Orthopedics
9. Gynecology
10. Immunology

Dr. Dhanita Agarwal

MBBS, MD(General Medicine)

Dr. Pramod Kumar K R

MBBS, MD(General Medicine), Diploma In Diabetes